Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Welcome back....

Well now, it's been a while hasn't it.  Over 12 months have passed since I last graced the pages of the Interweb to blog, review or generally moan about the 'stuff', our interactive world has changed and I thought it was time to ride that horse back online!
The last post I worked on '' is still open to be read and enjoyed but to keep this fresh and current I need structure.  I've decided to keep this updated 3 times a week including random posts over twitter. I loved the "Retro Monday" feature on my last blog so we'll be keeping that, a review of a more recent title on a Wednesday and at the end of the week, a round up of things from around the web. I have a few ideas planned for future blogs including a BIG TV feature on new shows that are starting in the fall/winter things like new Dexter, Boardwalk Empire and Parks and Recreation. Also and a first for me - a tweet by tweet playthrough review of some of Q4's biggest games.

Plus all the normal fluff about Games, TV and Movies.

Hope this is something you can get behind, I'd love to here what you all thing about the new page - get me on Twitter @dr_lucian and on Facebook - Marc Lonsdale. Comments on all posts are welcome.


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