Friday, 2 November 2012

Micro Review - Punch Quest IOS

Quick, grab that 80's action-star headband and make that mullet look good, wear that fedora, backwards baseball-cap or Gnome hat. Add some pink gloves, a horsehead and go PUNCH the shit out of anything that moves...GO, RUN!
The unholy alliance of "Rocketcat Games" and "MadGarden" would only have brought a great IOS game into the fold, with Punch Quest they delivered not only a great title but perhaps one of THE best to be released on the platform. I'll say it, PQ is one of the single most addictive games I've ever had the pleasure of  playing!
The retro feel graphics and amazing chiptune action-film inspired soundtrack adds even more then first imagined. The premise is simple, an endless runner where you punch and uppercut anything and everything in your way - Imps, Goblins, Bats, Skeletons, Giant skulls that shoot mini skulls, y'know the sweet sweet staple of fantasy films. You do this in order to get a bigger and bigger combo score, you never stop running completely and there are no time penalties in-game, just a fisticuffs free-for-all.

In PQ there is NO story to speak of and no real reason why our hero goes ape-shit on a punch-killing spree. I tell a lie there is, our hero begins his adventure asleep in a tree when an apple accidentally drops on his head he mistakes this as a an attack from a nearby Ogre and, well...sets off to kill! Mental, yes! Mentally perfect.. indeed

The game is chocked full of pop cultural references, power-ups that play on words (like the picture above) and a crazy level of character customization.  You earn 'punchos' as in game credit/rewards to spend on unlockables like the 100+ hats, faces and hair combos you can deck your hero out with. You can also edit the colour aspect of  all of these and your armour too. Most of this is purely aesthetic but some of the more expensive purchases can help with your running and punching power later on in the game. PQ also allows you to 'buy' new paths, each one harder than the last. Some may contain a butt-load of enemies or some have extra spike traps and big bosses. Other purchases include new special moves and ultra attacks, with names among them like 'Drillin' and grillin' Punch', 'Deadsplosion' and 'The Knuckle Circle' it's clear that you're in safe hands. There are some IAP's but to be honest if you're patient you can eventually get enough Punchos to buy everything in the store.  I honestly don't mind these IAP's especially when PQ is a FREE download, oh yeah I didn't mention that already, this game is friggin' free. A title this good HAS to be added to your collection.  I highly highly recommend this stunning IOS gem and I guarantee you'll be sucked into the epic timesink of the 'just-one-more-go' element that PQ captures perfectly.

..So stop reading this and get to the App store now, it's an essential purchase that will brighten anyone's day.
If you were in any doubt whether to pick this up, check out the image below - you get to ride a Laseraptor...I'll let that sink in for a minute...

Yep, Laseraptor!  fighting with floating Triceratops heads!

DONE! (holds hands up and walks away..)

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Dr Sanchez AKA Marc